Have you just bought a dental clinic or do you consider becoming a practice owner?

Avoid the pitfalls & succeed from the start

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You have spent enormous amounts of resources on getting to where you are now. Your time, your focus and your money will not come back. There is no reason for you to make the same mistakes that other private practice owners have made before you. If you want to succeed as fast as possible, you can achieve this by getting competent guidance.


As a practice owner, or future owner, you need several different advisors:

  • We can help you create your dream practice, by working with operational optimization, communication and marketing.

A prerequisite for success is growth. Our methods give you fast results.

Your team gets motivated and takes responsibility for the clinic so you no longer have to worry about everything.

The clinic's finances are improved giving you the freedom to live the life of your dreams.


It's all about the realisation of your dreams.

Call or write to us and explain to us how you want your clinic and your life as a practice owner to be.

We help new and experienced dental practice owners with aspects related to:


Take a look at the website or contact us.

We are ready to help you achieve your dreams.

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Will it pay off?
We guarantee full satisfaction or money back on our consulting.

I already know what's wrong with my practice!

Unless we can help you solve them faster and better, you will not need our help. We will find out in our initial dialogue.

How can I free up time for it?
When you get help running your business, rather than putting out the daily fires. You get more time and bigger profits. Let us show you how.

Can counseling change anything at all?
Nothing will change until you are convinced of the benefits of the changes and know how to implement them. Are you ready yourself?

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It's about leadership - your way of running your clinic.

Only the moment you take full responsibility for the clinic do you have a chance to build a winning team.

We help you set a clear direction and create a winning team.

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Save yourself from stress and burnout. Start the journey towards a better return on investment by working with a personal advisor


Does your team work together as a well-trained cohesive unit? Without this prerequisite, it is difficult to achieve success. An amazing TEAM will lead you to the success you dream about.


There are certain systems and procedures that generally improve practice production and time management easily and seamlessly. Do you have control over the systems? Or do you also sense that your resources could be used in a better way?

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Dentists and dental hygienists in:

Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland & India

From the small solo practice to large clinics with 20 treatment rooms



  • A practice owner went from performing 20% ​​of the treatments that gave the dentist the most pleasure to 70%

  • The right advice led to a conversion to fulfill a practice potential and increase revenue by 38%

  • One clinic doubled its revenue with less working hours after 2 months of counseling.

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