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Advice is often not enough - focus on selling is not appropriate.
Do you have challenges in getting your patients to accept your treatment proposal?
Do you find it difficult to put together a comprehensive treatment plan like the dentist?
Then you must attend this course.

You learn how to communicate in your own way, so your patients accept your ideal treatment proposal, without price being the most important thing!

Confident communication

The patient should feel that you are more interested in the patient than in anything else. How to achieve this will be in our focus from the beginning of the course.

You will learn how to use the 80/20 rule in your communication with the patient and how your body language reveals whether you are genuinely interested or not. Moreover, you learn to listen for words unspoken.

Treatment planning

Unless we refer patients to the dentist with a complete treatment plan, it is rarely possible to convince the patient of further treatment than already discussed. All too often, such situations result in patchwork and compromised treatments.
How do dentists view the oral cavity comprehensively and how can you easily get a corresponding overview of the necessary treatment?
You will be trained to confidently hand over comprehensive treatment plans to the dentist.
You will learn a way to become better at working with a patient and a dentist to reach the goal of the ideal treatment plan.

Estimates that sell

When is the ideal time to present your treatment plan? There are certain factors that will guide you to the answer.

You will acquire tools to handle: price, fit, personality and self-awareness. How you can organize your presentation in a way that makes the patient hear what you say and relates to having to make a choice right away.

Presentation Technique

How you should complete the presentation of your treatment plan to achieve succes!

When do you have the patient's full attention?

Can you present your recommendations in a way that makes the patient want to accept your offer?

You will learn how to do this so effectively that you will not be delayed by your next patient.

Price & payment

You will find out how you can influence the perception of "expensive" versus "cheap".

You are given guidelines on how to present your price in ways that makes it appear fair.

There will be case studies of the order in which you should present your treatment plans, in order to get patients to choose the ideal treatment for themselves.

Follow up

Most industries that work with prices at ours, all have systems to follow up on their offers.

Do you have a system that allows you to follow up on the offers you provide in a timely manner?

You will get some methods that can be implemented the next day, in less than 5 daily minutes.


We will help you with a plan to transfer your knowledge upon return to your practice. If you want to make use of all your professional skills, it is important that you sell them first. Therefore, we focus on hands-on training of simple techniques. This will make you feel ready to implement your new knowledge the day after the course.

How soon do you want to see your patients get healthier and happier?
Hurry up - book your seat - there are only 15 seats
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Better treatments of more patients.


- Intro

- Confident communication

- Treatment planning

- Estimates that sell

- Presentation technique

- Price & payment

- Follow up on offers

- Implementation

Time: 12.00-16.00

Number of participants: 15

Price: 380. Euro


Date & place:

September 8, 2020 - Aarhus (Danish)

September 9, 2020 - Kolding (Danish)

September 11, 2020 - Copenhagen (Danish)

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2020_06_09_Jespar Hatt_Business Portrait


Jesper Hatt

Dentist & Coach

  • High performance practice owner for 12 years

  • International key opinionleader KaVo

  • Hands-on clinical instructor - comprehensive dentistry