Your profit - your freedom

Everything you need to know about a profitable practice


We want to ensure better treatment for all.

If your dental practice does not grow and has a healthy economy, the practice will not be able to provide a better treatment to your patients. You will not be able to treat your TEAM better and you will not be able to treat yourself better either.

Is your dental practice under development or settlement?

There is no middle ground.

My team and I will help you with aspects related to:

  • Patient communication, that increases case acceptance

  • Efficient and profitable dental practice operation

  • Marketing your dental practice

Take a look at the pages here, read our blog or contact us.
We are ready to help you achieve your dreams.

Everything you need to know about a profitable practice


Consistently focusing on sales, leadership and branding

Most advisors focus on either sales, leadership or marketing. Never the entire value creation chain, from the patient's first contact, to the end of treatment when the patient is referring other patients to the office.


We are a high performance team converting 1 invested dollar into 3 dollars for you. Below you will see the services we are known for.




We help you and your team improve and streamline the communication in order to influence your patients' choice of treatment.  




You will be trained in the "applied leadership" approach, while we help you develop a high performance team.  Enabling you to work less and make more money.




Your office will attract high value patients , because they hear stories, from other patients, about your office. Stories that are consistent with their own values. When they step into your office, their experience will be consistent with everything they have heard.


Your life changes all the time and your needs and goals change with them. In order to achieve your dreams and goals, it is important that you have sufficient resources and are moving in the right direction.

That's why it's important to start working with a consultant who can help you reach your goals faster.
Take a look at these pages. Hopefully, they will inspire you to have an even better dental practice, that is fun and comfortable to work in and that grants you the freedom to live the life you dream about.

Feel free to contact us without any obligation.


Get more customers paying with gratitude



When you create value for your patients it will be rumored.


Support the positive reputation and you will achieve a dental practice operated with minimal need for your intervention.

Give your patients an experience in the practice, that gives a feeling of extremely great value. Then you'll get a steady stream of new patients who are optimally suited to the way you want to practice.

You are now on the path to constantly being able to work less, make more money and enjoy your freedom.


Once your patients make better decisions and the practice has implemented growth systems, you can begin implementing value-adding systems.

Your practice and your story is unique.

These are all positive unique qualities of the practice, that should permeate the entire patient experience. Not just in 1 or 2 interactions with the team, the waiting room or the website. But with all the interactions the patient has with the practice.


Together with you, we explore how we can best convey what you want to achieve with your practice, in a way that can be felt in all interactions with the office.

Together we build the narrative of your practice. We work out a plan for implementation, train your team, and make sure you have delicious image- and video material, that support your story across all media platforms.

How much or how little? You decide.

We will not tie you to us with cryptic contracts.

You always get a set fee before we start a project together. In this way we make sure, that you always stay in control of the practice growth systems.


We believe that art and science should go hand in hand to create both beautiful and profitable results.


Dental treatments should be beautiful and inspiring.

It requires you to have an everyday life full of mental and financial surplus.


You achieve this when your employees back you up to the max. When your patients accept your recommended treatments. When you get new patients, that pay a fair price with gratitude. You need to experience what gives you a sense of success every day.


Let us help you get patients who want better treatments so you can work less and make more money.


We look forward to celebrating your success!


  • Solo Practices

  • Large clinics with more than 20 therapists

  • Practice owners with 0-25 years of experience

  • Startups

  • The dental industry


We currently have customers in 6 different countries:

Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden & Finland


If your patients opt out of your treatment recomendations, it will jeopardize your patients' health. You will not use the skills you have spent time and money to build. In the end this will have a negative effect on the practice finances.



Your influence can make all the difference

  • How do you listen to your patients?

  • Do they feel heard, understood and recognized?

  • Where, when and how do you present your treatment plan?

  • How many patients accept the best treatment?

  • Do your patients pay a fair price with gratitude?

  • Does your practice have a follow up system?

  • How do you implement your knowledge?

  • How does the team train its skills?

  • Do you have a plan for how to continually improve as a TEAM?


When we advise you, it is always based on YOUR needs. Together, we figure out what, when and how, to suit your needs the best.


Dental practices in several countries have confidence that we can help them make more patients accept the treatment they need.


Patients' case acceptance is the key to:

  • Healthy and happy patients,

  • Using your skills 

  • Financial success.


The way to more comprehensive treatments

The one factor with the greatest importance for selling comprehensive treatments lies in your ability to create great relationships with your patients. It is not necessary to build relationships over a 10+ year period in order to gain the trust of your patients. It can be done in a single consultation.

Over the past 15 years, we have tested and refined several methods to make a greater impact on patients' choice of treatment.

We can help you communicate with your patients in a way that makes patients understand the value of your recommendations, want the ideal treatment and where price is not the deciding factor.


A win-win situation for all parties involved

Once the patients have been given the right treatment, they leave the clinic and tell their friends and acquaintances about their amazing experience and why it has been worth all the money to invest in optimal dental care with you.


The general stress level of the practice decreases when you perform comprehensive treatments. The financial situation is improving and your need to spend hours at the dental chair is reduced. You will go to work because you like it, not because you have to.


80% of all dental crowns are made as single tooth treatments. Most patients dream about a single appointment where all treatment is done at once. If you offer your patients comprehensive care, where everything can be done in the shortest amount of time, you add more value to your treatments.

You can learn more about patient communication leading to the sale of comprehensive dentistry, reading our blog, participate in our courses, in-house training in your practice, or in our VIP practice acceleration program.

Alternatively, you can send us an email and get answers to your questions.


A prerequisite for success is growth. Our methods quickly give you results. Your team gets motivated and takes responsibility for the clinic so you don't have to worry about everything. The clinic's finances improve to give you the freedom to live the life you dream of.


Become the best version of yourself - become a better leader.



It is possible to find unfair competitive advantages in all industries.

If you are tired of the competition or market conditions where you currently practice. Do something about it. You do not necessarily need to move your practice or yourself physically. A mental change can do wonders. Make sure you focus on the opportunities rather than the limitations. 

Start by being creative - create your vision. Write it down and start daily, working your way towards the realization of your dream.


To give you the personal freedom you deserve, you need: increased revenue, spending control, the best team and the right systems.

It is important to focus on how to increase your earnings with less personal effort. Only this way will your practice achieve balance with your private life.


We are constantly working to bring you into a situation where the practice supports your life - not the other way around


If you have taken ownership of your management, you can safely share the practice numbers with your TEAM.


The key numbers are like a scoreboard where you can read your success. Your TEAM needs to know the numbers and know which ones they can- and which ones they cannot influence.

If you delegate tasks and unleash your TEAM's skills, with the right conditions, you have the starting point for ultimate success.

We'll show you step by step how to get a winning team, reduce expenses and increase profits with a reduced workload


Your fast track to succes

What can you do today, to bring you closer to your goals tomorrow?

Sustainable change requires repetition. To stay focused on your goals, we recommend that you use a personal coach.

You decide how long and how much you need our help. There are no minimum periods of collaboration or cryptic contracts. We are there to help you achieve the success you want. We won't let you down.

Contact us without obligation to find out if we are the right match for you.


It's about leadership - your way of managing your clinic

The best leaders take responsibility. Not just for their own actions, but for ALL actions in the organization. It is important that you take full responsibility for everything that does not go according to plan and give your team recognition for the successes.

If your team does not reach their goals, it is because you have not properly instructed them, given them the resources or time to do the task.

Only once you take full responsibility for the clinic do you have a chance to build a winning team.

Why choose


It does matter how many comprehensive cases you and your team carry out. But it doesn't mean everything. Your team needs a clear direction and the right systems to be productive and profitable.

If there are cracks in leadership, or a defective value-adding strategy, even the best sales skills will not be able to compensate for the shortcomings. In such cases, none of your efforts are exchanged for cash at the bank. You just risk throwing out all your hard-earned money.


We spend time with you to finding the core of how your business works best. Together with you, we define your dream patients and how you most effectively attract more of those. No matter your practice location we can help you with the right strategy.


Together with you, we will build a powerful leadership of your practice, that is supported by logical systems that everyone in the team follows, because they make sense and fit the behavior of the employees. We prepare and train your team in a unique service protocol, that guides your patients through the practice experience. The experience is designed to provide an amazing experience of value. The entire team will be trained to communicate with patients in a way that increases the desire to have the ideal comprehensive treatment performed by you and your team.


But that's not all. Once the practice is optimized internally, we advise you how to get the most effective marketing strategy in place. Month after month, your marketing should attract a steady flow of new dream patients to your practice. 


In other words, you will have fewer worries and the ability to spend more time with your family and enjoy your life.

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