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Help more patients receive better treatments



Your influence can make all the difference

  • How do you listen to your patients?

  • Do they feel heard, understood and recognized?

  • Where, when and how do you present your treatment plan?

  • How many patients accept the best treatment?

  • Do your patients pay a fair price with gratitude?

  • Does your practice have a follow up system?

  • How do you implement your knowledge?

  • How does the team train its skills?

  • Do you have a plan for how to continually improve as a TEAM?


When we advise you, it is always based on YOUR needs. Together, we figure out what, when and how, to suit your needs the best.


Dental practices in several countries have confidence that we can help them make more patients accept the treatment they need.


Patients' case acceptance is the key to:

  • Healthy and happy patients,

  • Using your skills 

  • Financial success.



Watch or clock

The way to more comprehensive treatments

The one factor with the greatest importance for selling comprehensive treatments lies in your ability to create great relationships with your patients. It is not necessary to build relationships over a 10+ year period in order to gain the trust of your patients. It can be done in a single consultation.

Over the past 15 years, we have tested and refined several methods to make a greater impact on patients' choice of treatment.

We can help you communicate with your patients in a way that makes patients understand the value of your recommendations, want the ideal treatment and where price is not the deciding factor.


A win-win situation for all parties involved

Once the patients have been given the right treatment, they leave the clinic and tell their friends and acquaintances about their amazing experience and why it has been worth all the money to invest in optimal dental care with you.


The general stress level of the practice decreases when you perform comprehensive treatments. The financial situation is improving and your need to spend hours at the dental chair is reduced. You will go to work because you like it, not because you have to.

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A win-win situation for all parties involved

80% of all dental crowns are made as single tooth treatments. Most patients dream about a single appointment where all treatment is done at once. If you offer your patients comprehensive care, where everything can be done in the shortest amount of time, you add more value to your treatments.

You can learn more about patient communication leading to the sale of comprehensive dentistry, reading our blog, participate in our courses, in-house training in your practice, or in our VIP practice acceleration program.

Alternatively, you can send us an email and get answers to your questions.

HATT & PARAGON dental crowns
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  • Solo Practices

  • Large clinics with more than 20 therapists

  • Practice owners with 0-25 years of experience

  • Startups

  • The dental industry

We currently have customers in 12 different countries:

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, India and Hong Kong

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