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For practice owners, dentists, dental hygienists or dental assistants

Examples of course content


Professional joy and personal profit
Free up time - for yourself and your team

The sensation of running fast in a hamster wheel is familiar to most practice owners. But it doesn't have to be that way. The vast majority of dentists are able to become more productive with less effort. 

We look at what it requires when we delve into, among other things: 

The leadership - it's not something at sea! 

How dream teams come about and how you deserve to be part of them.

The anxiety-provoking part of delegating important tasks to your team. 

The potential of the appointment book in a well-functioning team

The new roles of the dental assistants - it's not what you think!

Working at one or more chairs?

Billede af Michael Browning

Practice optimization in dentistry
Where are the untapped resources?

Reduce costs

Adjust prices

Offering the right services

Increase production at the chair

Salary, commission agreements & bonus plans

Billede af David Travis

Practice owners workshop
Make your dreams come true!

Where is the practice going?

Where do you want to go?

Description of the future of your dental practice

Values, rules of the game, business plan

Objectives, responsibilities, consistency

Meetings and information systems

Collective- and individual goals

Celebration and Rewards

Photo shoot

Dental marketing
Are you attracting the right patients?

Visible values and principles

Activating patients

Treatment plans & case acceptance

Practice Information

Marketing that works

Branding comprehensively

You can sell on many other parameters than price!

Leder I orkester

Leadership in a dental office
Creating results through others

Attracting and developing great employees

Performance-oriented and personal development interviews

Delegation of responsibility



Image by Katarzyna Zygnerska

Clear Aligners in practice
The clinically safe and efficient workflow

Clinical safety

Case selection

Easy diagnostics and medical records

Realistic treatment planning 

Predictable treatment outcomes

Secure delegation

Tips & Tricks

Dentist Jesper Hatt
A brief overview

Jesper Hatt DDS and his team made a small dental practice with two treatment rooms grow into a successful practice with 5 treatment rooms in Skagen and 2 treatment rooms in Aalbæk, Denmark. As a practice owner, Jesper has acted both as owner and manager of a solo practice and for a team with several dentists and dental hygienists in a company with several locations. 

Since 2018, Jesper Hatt has been a full-time consultant and international keynote speaker. His methods have been proven to help dentists bring out their own unique abilities. All in a way so that the practice owners and their teams can reduce stress and at the same time increase productivity and profitability by several hundred percent. 

Jesper Hatt has studied methods and strategies from some of the most successful companies outside the dental industry. He has implemented that knowledge in the dental industry and proved how they can work. He shares the best ideas he learned there with his dental audience. 

Dr. Jesper Hatt's ability to make practice owners and their teams perform more efficiently, with less stress, stems from his view that everything we do in a dental practice is about personal leadership. By understanding how dentists can use leadership skills better, in combination with masterful patient communication and customer service, he has repeatedly proven how any dental practice can improve the use of its clinical skills, reduce stress and significantly increase profitability. 

Jesper Hatt's presentations share insider knowledge about the unique systems he uses as he helps dentists around the world achieve exponential growth.


Besides being a dental coach and an international lecturer.

Jesper Hatt was the first Danish dentist to undergo the complete post graduate education program at the Pankey Institute in the USA and subsequently implement his knowledge in private practice. He has acted as a Pankey mentor and developed a 2-day course in functional occlusion. 
Since 2019, he has taught dentists and their teams effective workflows for implementing clear aligners in 10 different countries. 
For 9 years he was an international key opinion in digital workflows for KaVo. He has also acted as an external consultant for some of the dental industry's largest companies and taught sales staff inside and outside the dental industry. 



Jesper Hatt DDS

Dentist & Coach


Dr. Hatt is a motivating teacher who emphasizes the practical aspect of teaching. He is adept at spotting exactly where to go with the student to create better results.


He has many years of experience in developing private practices. From the simple to the complex solutions - both as an independent clinician, consultant and teacher.


Dr. Hatt's main goal is to accelerate your dental practice, giving you greater job satisfaction, more satisfied patients, a better economy and increased personal freedom.


A guest lecturer with relevance to the current group will be present during one or more days of the course.

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