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Training your team with great impact on your practice

Comfortable in your practice

While our workshops are obviously a great tool for building your team's skills, it is not always ideal to take courses with other practices.


In-house training with Hatt Consulting delivers your training needs right to your door.

A customized solution that fits your specific needs in your dental office and your team.



Unique needs mean unique solutions.

Our hands-on training is available in many variants and will be tailored to the unique needs of your pracitice. Below you will find an overview of the topics we offer on-site in your dental office.

Systematized Production

Minimize stress, maximize your treatment acceptance and create a great TEAM.


Every dental office needs rock solid systems to create an ideal patient experience. Choose from a variety of systems you want to implement in your office. For example: Handling the appointment book, meeting structures & culture, telephone handling, teams selling the optimal treatments, etc.


We come and train your team in "best practice" systems to help minimize stress, maximize patient conversion and create an amazing TEAM.


Having uniform systems means that each team member is aware of how to handle each patient situation in accordance with the practice owner's vision.

Patient Experience

Get an individually tailored approach to the optimal patient experience.


There are many facets to the patient experience. Providing an optimal experience requires that every member of the team knows the patient experience system. Hatt Consulting's clinical training can focus on any aspect of the patient experience that you want to improve and help your team consistently create an amazing experience.


We can also do a guided tour that identifies the critical touchpoints of the practice. Based on this experience, the team is given the opportunity, through dialogue and actions, to create a unique patient experience that will define your office brand and attract more patients. But best of all, an experience for which the team takes responsibility, as they have helped develop it.


Create patient loyalty & trust in the dentist.


Getting new patients into the practice costs 8 to 18 times more than maintaining your current patient base! Each practice not only has a need for more patients, but also to keep its existing patients loyal.


Learn how to create maximum loyalty and what the entire team should focus on to avoid patients seeking a new dentist.


Depending on what your practice needs, you can choose to implement powerful service systems in the office, as well as how to create a maintenance system that sets the entire practice up to successfully, getting patients to return on a regular basis.


A number of activities that can improve your team


Teams that perform at their highest level understand that each member of the team makes a critical difference to the patient experience. Hence to the bottom line & the success of the practice.


Choose from a variety of team improvement activities, including communication skills, how to give good and honest feedback, build trust in each other, and how to better solve team problems.


Systematic patient management, transferring patients internally for optimal confidence building.


In a dental practice, the entire team is responsible for every increase in production. There are many ways to increase production. One of the ways is to teach your entire team the Hatt Consulting psychological sales skills. It will allow patients to take responsibility for their own mouths and choose the right treatment.


You can choose to train your team to build trust from the moment patients call the practice until they leave again after successful treatment.


We believe that your practice can significantly increase production if you can get more patients to accept the treatment the patients need. Especially if you combine this with a systematized production and a great brand strategy. 


Maximize the effect of phone calls, converting potential new patients into loyal customers, that will pay a fair price with gratitude.


Your marketing is spent on making the phone ring. When a potential new patient calls your practice, it is only the first step to getting patients into your dental office.


Without training, incoming calls in a busy practice are often treated as an unwelcome interruption by the reception or dental assistants.


Complaints can be extremely problematic to handle without harming the practice brand. With the right training, your practice can get more satisfied patients through proper complaint management.


Get your team trained to maximize phone call conversions. Give them skills to optimize all phone calls preparing patients as well as possible before arriving at your dental office.

Examples of agendas

To give you an idea of what a day with in-house training looks like, here are three examples of agendas below!

The patient experience
  • Identification of all contact points in your dental practice

  • See each contact point through the eyes of the patients:

    • Appearance and feel of the practice

    • The principles that affect patients at each contact point

    • Communication rehearsed and tested by each team member

    • Systems consistently creating amazing patient experiences - regardless of team composition

    • Creating a checklist to ensure that everyone in the team is aware of the systems and expected communication for each point of contact.

    • Hatt Consulting's communication techniques in treatment rooms, to up build trust in every patient.

  • Delegate tasks and actions

Peak performance


  • The ideal day - systems to create a stress-free day every day.

  • The appointment book - the benefits for everyone, when using specific systems for the entire practice

  • Systems that minimize the risk of:

    • Cancellations

    • NO SHOWS

    • Patients arriving late

    • Emergency patients

  • Two critical meetings that your team needs to hold regularly and why

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Are you interested in upgrading your team's skills without leaving the practice?


Find a time to talk to one of our coaches to put together the training day that best suits your team's unique needs.


Please note that we will need approx. 6-8 weeks to ensure that we can deliver an ideal individually tailored training course to your dental practice.

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