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My name is Jesper Hatt I am a licensed dentist, Keynote speaker and a consultant


I mentor dentists not only in leadership, but also in achieving balance and profit in their lives. 


From retreats in Italy to transforming clinical teams and implementing complex treatment types like Clear Aligners. The results speak for themselves - doubling and tripling revenue and profits within months.

My clients choose long-term partnerships with me and my team, because they see tangible, transformative results. Let us create your success story together. 

Get in touch with me today. 

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My story

DDS 2003

Associate dentist: 2003-2007

Practice owner: 2007-2019

250+ hours of continuing education at the Pankey institute

International key opinion leader KaVo 2011-2018

Industry advisor: KaVo, Straumann, Kuraray, Dentatus 

International speaker, advisor & coach: 

  • Clear aligner workflows

  • Patient communication

  • Practice management


Embark on a journey with me – a tale of resilience and triumph in the dental world. Picture 2007, investing big in a dental practice, just before the financial crisis hit, yet emerging stronger by crafting a brand that drew patients from across Europe. Facing financial constraints, we transformed challenges into opportunities, elevating our practice to the top 10% nationwide.


Our commitment to innovation led us to be pioneers, going 100% digital, mastering clear aligners, CBCT, and in-house milling. This journey made me an international key opinion leader and speaker for KaVo, a testament to our commitment to staying ahead.


In 2016, I sold the thriving practice and transitioned into consultancy. Now, I guide dentists not just in leadership but in creating a balanced, profitable life.

Hatt Consulting GmbH

In 2018, my family and I moved to Switzerland, where we founded Hatt Consulting GmbH

Since then, I have been working full-time as a consultant, speaker and hands-on instructor.

The company has grown from myself as the founder to now having 4 employees and several different affiliated partners. My team works in 3 different time zones and meets regularly in a digital office.  

We now serve customers in 19 different countries around the world. 


Practice optimisation

Through a series of structured processes and very tangible methods, my team and I have helped numerous dental practices achieve a less hectic and far more profitable workday. A rapid, sustained increase in revenue creates the foundation to develop the practice in the way the practice owner wants. To create a lasting, positive difference, we have always focused on creating the type of practice the owner dreams of. Rather than a standard solution. 


Part of the explanation for the ability to achieve these results is of course my deep knowledge of the industry. As a former practising dentist and owner of a large, multi-location clinic, I've seen it all. But perhaps most importantly, I have been involved in management, sales and marketing throughout my life because I found it fun and could see the value in it. Maybe I'm an atypical dentist, because I actually think leadership and communication are some of the most exciting areas of work in a dental practice. Probably because I am able to help as many people as possible achieve their dreams.


Patient communication

You become good at what you practice. 

The level of a dentist's clinical skills is directly related to their ability to get their patients to accept the treatment they need. Because if patients don't accept treatment, the dentist will never gain the necessary experience. This became clear to me already in the first year I worked in private practice. That's why I took all the courses I could in and outside the country in communication, behavioural psychology and sales. I translated this knowledge into useful methods and structures that can be used by any dental practice to increase treatment acceptance.

Since then, I have taught patient communication in several countries. 


Dental marketing

It's easy to pay a lot of money for marketing. 

But it's not always the case that the money pays off. 

Few dental clinics have a professional and structured approach to marketing. 

Through my experience and network in online marketing, I provide advice on marketing for dental clinics. 


It's not just about branding and marketing to patients, but just as much about recruiting the right employees. 


The dental industry

Over the past 20 years, I have worked more and more intensively with the dental industry's largest companies internationally. This has included product development (software and hardware), training programmes, sales and marketing. 


Clear aligners

Since 2019, clear aligners have played an increasingly important role at Hatt Consulting GmbH. 

We have been responsible for education and training in the use of ClearCorrect, from the Straumann Group, in Scandinavia and Benelux. We have also helped clinics around the world to design realistic, safe and predictable clear aligner treatment plans.


Currently, our team works with Invisalign, ClearCorrect, SureSmile, Spark, Angel Aligners and TrioClear. 

You can read more about this at:

Dentist Jesper Hatt DDS sitting at a dental chair


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