Your profit - your freedom

Everything you need to know about a profitable practice


We want to ensure better treatment for all.

If your dental practice does not grow and has a healthy economy, the practice will not be able to provide a better treatment to your patients. You will not be able to treat your TEAM better and you will not be able to treat yourself better either.

Is your dental practice under development or settlement?

There is no middle ground.

My team and I will help you with aspects related to:

  • Patient communication, that increases case acceptance

  • Efficient and profitable dental practice operation

  • Marketing your dental practice

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We are ready to help you achieve your dreams.

Everything you need to know about a profitable practice


Consistently focusing on sales, leadership and branding

Most advisors focus on either sales, leadership or marketing. Never the entire value creation chain, from the patient's first contact, to the end of treatment when the patient is referring other patients to the office.


We are a high performance team converting 1 invested dollar into 3 dollars for you. Below you will see the services we are known for.




We help you and your team improve and streamline the communication in order to influence your patients' choice of treatment.  




You will be trained in the "applied leadership" approach, while we help you develop a high performance team.  Enabling you to work less and make more money.




Your office will attract high value patients , because they hear stories, from other patients, about your office. Stories that are consistent with their own values. When they step into your office, their experience will be consistent with everything they have heard.


Your life changes all the time and your needs and goals change with them. In order to achieve your dreams and goals, it is important that you have sufficient resources and are moving in the right direction.

That's why it's important to start working with a consultant who can help you reach your goals faster.
Take a look at these pages. Hopefully, they will inspire you to have an even better dental practice, that is fun and comfortable to work in and that grants you the freedom to live the life you dream about.

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Why choose


It does matter how many comprehensive cases you and your team carry out. But it doesn't mean everything. Your team needs a clear direction and the right systems to be productive and profitable.

If there are cracks in leadership, or a defective value-adding strategy, even the best sales skills will not be able to compensate for the shortcomings. In such cases, none of your efforts are exchanged for cash at the bank. You just risk throwing out all your hard-earned money.


We spend time with you to finding the core of how your business works best. Together with you, we define your dream patients and how you most effectively attract more of those. No matter your practice location we can help you with the right strategy.


Together with you, we will build a powerful leadership of your practice, that is supported by logical systems that everyone in the team follows, because they make sense and fit the behavior of the employees. We prepare and train your team in a unique service protocol, that guides your patients through the practice experience. The experience is designed to provide an amazing experience of value. The entire team will be trained to communicate with patients in a way that increases the desire to have the ideal comprehensive treatment performed by you and your team.


But that's not all. Once the practice is optimized internally, we advise you how to get the most effective marketing strategy in place. Month after month, your marketing should attract a steady flow of new dream patients to your practice. 


In other words, you will have fewer worries and the ability to spend more time with your family and enjoy your life.


  • Solo Practices

  • Large clinics with more than 20 therapists

  • Practice owners with 0-25 years of experience

  • Startups

  • The dental industry


We currently have customers in 6 different countries:

Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden & Finland



Hatt Consulting is a consulting group with over 15 years of experience from the dental industry. Which means we quickly identify the challenges that affect the clinic's results and can help with solutions that are easy to implement in a busy day.



TELEPHONE: +41 78 268 00 78


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