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Your profit - your freedom


Dentist Helle Hatt DDS

Many dental practice owners are frustrated with their situation.

Maybe you know some of the typical reasons:

  • The overhead is too high

  • The team does not take responsibility

  • You are feeling alone with the problems

  • There is a lack of financial growth

  • The bureaucracy is extensive

  • The joy of work has disappeared

We help you stop the negative spiral and reverse the trend


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Have you tried to implement improvements in the practice that did not work out as planned?


Small easy changes, presented and implemented correctly can create big results.

  • Higher profits

  • Less stress

  • A better TEAM

We guarantee you that the entire TEAM understands and supports the necessary changes.

Starting right will free up resources, enabling you to grow the dental practice further.



It's all about YOU!

Together, we will clarify what your goals are and where you stand in terms of fulfilling them. 

We get to know each other better online or over a cup of coffee. You tell us about your vision and goals for the practice and your personal life. We give you an insight into how we work to achieve your dreams.

Business meeting



We will work out a realistic plan with you.


It is vital for us to involve you in the planning phase.


We challenge you and provide competent counteraction during the planning phase. 

You decide how you want your practice to develop and in what extent you want our help. 

Brainstorming for success, planning and coffee cup



Now is the time to act. 

The plan must be realised.

During the implementation phase, we fine-tune the details, focus on the goals we set together when we drew up the plan.

Implementation is always the most challenging process.


That's why you'll never be alone.

We help you step by step towards your goal, enabling you to achieve your optimal practice boost. 

Young Businesswomen talking together



Is there anything better than enjoying the fruits of your hard work? 


The first successes soon appear.


But we will not rest on our laurels. You will be surprised at what is possible.


As independent consultants with years of experience in the dental industry, we have seen a lot. We recognise that nothing is impossible. 


The typical practice boost extends over a 12-24 month period. 

Girl Power, a group of women jumping for joy
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  • Solo Practices

  • Large clinics with more than 20 therapists

  • Practice owners with 0-25 years of experience

  • Startups

  • The dental industry

We currently have customers in 12 different countries:

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, India and Hong Kong

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