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For owners of a private dental praxis

The right practice operation - for you
It's about customization to your needs

This 2x2 day workshop will be based on the individual clinician's attitude, values, opportunities and willingness to change.

We specialize in providing knowledge and tools to those private practice owners who want to achieve better outcomes for their dental practice.


Things you did not learn at the dental school:

  • To run a business.

  • To lead a team.

  • To communicate effectively.


Goals for your market management workshop:

You get relevant, operational and motivational tools.


  • Patients motivated for comprehensive treatment.

  • A performance oriented and competent work environment that is fun.

  • Time-efficient production with room for exceptional service.

  • Financial results that ensures further development.

  • Renewed joy in your profession and an improved quality of life.


We will not teach you any fancy theories about business operations and management.

Instead you will try out tools that have been shown to improve practice operations in other practices all over the globe.

In the process, you will find what other successful dental practices are doing right. You will find that their succes can be copied by you - in a way that works!


The method

We work with the specific situations and potential of the participating dental practice owners.

We will be working on issues based on your current situation and compare it to an ideally run dental practice that will be described.

By working on key areas that are important to the success of your practice, you decide what you want to do for each of the selected areas. Based on your choices, you draw up your own action plan.


Opportunities, abilities, ambitions and attitudes will, of course, be individual for you and your fellow participants. Therefore, the action plans will be different and customized to fit each individual practice owner.

Based on the experiences, ideas, desires, debates and various other examples we provide. You will be well prepared to choose what is best for you and your practice.


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Examples of areas addressed and completed in your personal action plan:

Billede af Michael Browning

Localization of unused resources

Reduce costs

Adjust prices

Offering the right services

Increase production at the chair

Salary, commission agreements & bonus plans


How do we create more time?

Correct use of hygienists

Clinical assistants in daily production

Management of the appointment book - properly booked for the team

Work at one or more chairs?

Billede af David Travis


Where is the practice going?

Where do you want to go?

Description of the future of your dental practice

Values, rules of the game, business plan

Objectives, responsibilities, consistency

Meetings and information systems

Collective- and individual goals

Celebration and Rewards

Billede af Nathan Dumlao

How to utilize time and functions correct?

Ideal staffing

Systems for the dentist

Systems for the hygienists

The dental assistant in the production and as a key patient advisor

Photo shoot

Developing and attracting the right customers

Through visible values and principles

Activate the patients

Treatment plans & case acceptance

Practice Information

Marketing that works

Branding comprehensively

You can sell on many other parameters than price!

Leder I orkester

Leadership - creating results through others

Attracting and developing great employees

Performance-oriented and personal development interviews

Delegation of responsibility



Everything is important and will be addressed.
The course will ensure that all aspects of a great practice operation is being addressed

Your own situation forms the basis for which areas we dive into and process up to your customized action plan.


Other subjects
These may be issues such as partnership, generational change, space problems, problematic employees. Inclusion of dentists and / or clinic assistants in production or what you can do in the implant / aligner area. Nothing is too big or too small to be discussed.


The issues being discussed. can be both strategic and personal. Therefore it is a given that everything is kept confidential, in order to ensure openness and honesty in the process.


Workshop for dental practice owners



Trafo Hotel Baden

Bruggerstrasse 56

5400 Baden



2020: October 10-11 & November 21-22

Number of participants

Maximum: 10

Speaker & facilitator

Jesper Hatt DDS with selected guest speakers


4.695, - Euros.

The price does not cover accommodation and transportation.


Full satisfaction after participation or a 100% refund.

Book your place today and secure yourself one of the 10 spots. 

The workshop usually fills up quickly. 


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The course in general

Pressure and support
A busy appointment book can prevent decisions from being implemented properly. Therefore, the program is divided into 2 modules respectively. 2x2 days.

There will be about 6 weeks between the modules.

Back in your own practice it is time to implement your decisions with the relevant team members. Your ideas should be tested so the results can be evaluated in the next module.

Here we will discuss your experiences and your results. The plan is adjusted and your next steps taken. The course should push you-, and the other participants, through obligated assignments from workshop to workshop. Should something go awry we will support you.



The practice owners you will to meet here have a lot of inspiration to offer. It is always the best practice owners who take the course.

They know that even small changes can mean a lot to practice operations.


If the workshop is canceled, an administration fee of 10% of the full course fee will be charged.

Cancellation after 8-14. days before the start of the course, a fee of 50% of the fee is calculated.

Cancellation within 7 days prior to the conference, reimbursement of course fee will not be possible.



Jesper Hatt

Dentist & Coach


Dr. Hatt is a motivating teacher who emphasizes the practical aspect of teaching. He is adept at spotting exactly where to go with the student to create better results.


He has many years of experience in developing private practices. From the simple to the complex solutions - both as an independent clinician, consultant and teacher.


Dr. Hatt's main goal is to accelerate your dental practice, giving you greater job satisfaction, more satisfied patients, a better economy and increased personal freedom.


A guest lecturer with relevance to the current group will be present during one or more days of the course.

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