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More customers paying with gratitude



When you create value for your patients it will be rumored.


Support the positive reputation and you will achieve a dental practice operated with minimal need for your intervention.

Give your patients an experience in the practice, that gives a feeling of extremely great value. Then you'll get a steady stream of new patients who are optimally suited to the way you want to practice.

You are now on the path to constantly being able to work less, make more money and enjoy your freedom.

Conversation between dental professionals and patient
Art director looks at storyboard


Once your patients make better decisions and the practice has implemented growth systems, you can begin implementing value-adding systems.

Your practice and your story is unique.

These are all positive unique qualities of the practice, that should permeate the entire patient experience. Not just in 1 or 2 interactions with the team, the waiting room or the website. But with all the interactions the patient has with the practice.


Together with you, we explore how we can best convey what you want to achieve with your practice, in a way that can be felt in all interactions with the office.

Together we build the narrative of your practice. We work out a plan for implementation, train your team, and make sure you have delicious image- and video material, that support your story across all media platforms.

How much or how little? You decide.

We will not tie you to us with cryptic contracts.

You always get a set fee before we start a project together. In this way we make sure, that you always stay in control of the practice growth systems.

Jesper Hatt and Martin working on computer


star confetti around smiling young woman

We believe that art and science should go hand in hand to create both beautiful and profitable results.


Dental treatments should be beautiful and inspiring.

It requires you to have an everyday life full of mental and financial surplus.


You achieve this when your employees back you up to the max. When your patients accept your recommended treatments. When you get new patients, that pay a fair price with gratitude. You need to experience what gives you a sense of success every day.


Let us help you get patients who want better treatments so you can work less and make more money.


We look forward to celebrating your success!


  • Solo Practices

  • Large clinics with more than 20 therapists

  • Practice owners with 0-25 years of experience

  • Startups

  • The dental industry

We currently have customers in 12 different countries:

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, India and Hong Kong

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