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Attract more patients

It's all about you and your brand

What do patients tell you about?

The course is based on your practice's values, strengths and opportunities.


The course is created for those practitioners who want to grow their dental practice.

Not just through the random attraction of all sorts of patients.

But through effective, measurable and controlled methods where the practice attracts patients with the treatment needs that suit your wishes.


You will gain deeper insight into how your dental practice can effectively use:


  • Branding & marketing

  • Systematic communication

  • Customer journeys leading to case acceptance


We specialize in disseminating knowledge and tools to those private practice owners, who want to achieve better outcomes for their practice.


Create customer journeys that lead to the case acceptance.

Blå øjne

Your story

Where and how?

  • Social media - should you be part of it?

  • Social media - which platforms work best?

  • Storytelling through pictures.

  • Hands-on photo and video training.

  • Light, sound, framing, content.

  • Effective tools in your narrative.

Your dental practice

Seen with the eyes of the patient

  • Who are your patients now?

  • Do you want more of the same type of patients?

  • Who are you communicating to right now?

  • How do you reach out to the right patients?

  • What narrative do you use?


Branding & Marketing

More value for money

  • UX - Experience design - does it work?

  • Comprehensive branding of your dental practice

  • Your marketing plan

  • implementation plan

  • Evaluation


Location: Switzerland

Time: Saturday-Sunday

Max 15 participants.

Price: 1.650,- Euros. without transport and accomodation.


Jesper Bøjlund


Social Media og story telling expert

- Producer

- Instructor

- Photographer

2020_06_09_Jespar Hatt_Business Portrait


Jesper Hatt

Dentist & Coach


- Communication in practice

- Service systems

- Dental experience design



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