Recruitment - 4 prerequisites

As I wrote in last week's post, in the coming weeks I will be focusing on recruiting dentists and dental hygienists. However, the methods and guides described here could also be used to attract the right receptionists, clinical assistants, dental technicians, etc.

Whether the dental clinic is located in a rural area or in a major city, this week's blog post contains a number of specific recommendations that will increase the attractiveness of any clinic to potential candidates for a vacancy.

In this post we look at:

  • The culture of the practice and why it is extremely important when writing an attractive job advert.

  • The importance of your vision in helping you and the applicant quickly find out if you are a good fit.

  • What the team's goals signal about the clinic and how they can be backed up fabulously well by 3 specific action plans.

Time pressure

When we are about to recruit a new member to the team, we are under pressure. Either the workload has grown to a level where it is extremely difficult to keep up. Or we are faced with a termination, with far too little notice. Typically, we have a window of 1 to 2 months to find a new employee. That's not very long if you need to start from scratch and to find a perfect match for the clinic.

It's a huge help to have a clear understanding of the culture of the clinic, the vision of the clinic owner and the goals the clinic is striving to achieve. It is not enough to have one of these three elements in place. We need to have all 3 in order to be most effective.

Why? Because we need to avoid creating a (from the applicant's point of view) completely indifferent job advertisement.

Transparent marketing

Recruitment is about marketing. As with all marketing, it's no good promising everything and delivering 50%. When we look for an employee (or new patients), it is with a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship in mind. This is where you shoot yourself in the foot by promising more than you can deliver. Desperate actions like these almost always lead to miserable results.

If we are to attract the perfect candidate for our position, we need to be super transparent about the position. If our equipment is not state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line, it is a bad idea to make it appear as such. The applicant will probably come for an interview at some point. Here it quickly becomes very visible if the reality does not live up to the golden promises of the job advertisement.

4 specific prerequisites